Redirect Pages in WordPress: How to Use 301 Redirects when URLs Change

There are many situations where you’ll have a page name or entire address change on your website. A quick and easy remedy to broken links and bad SEO is a 301 redirect. These are straightforward to set up in WordPress.

Simple 301 Redirects is a free plugin that makes setting up page redirects a breeze – especially compared to manual methods like modifying your .htaccess file or using PHP headers.

Start by installing the plugin. Go to Plugins > Add New. You can either download the zip file and click Upload Plugin, or search for “Simple 301 Redirects” on this page and click Install next to the correct result. Once installed be sure to activate the plugin.


Once installed and activated, you’ll create and manage redirects by going to Settings > 301 Redirects.

You’ll enter the old page on the left and the new URL on the right.

The big thing to pay attention to is that the left input wants the page only – if the old link was it expects you to drop the base URL of and only enter /the-old-page/

The right input wants the full URL such as

Redirect page in wordpress - example of old and new URL fields


There is only one line available to enter a redirect. Once you hit save a new line appears.

Once you hit save you should be able to open a new browser tab, enter the full URL you want to redirect from, hit enter, and see the redirect in action.

That’s it!

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